Welcome, I hope you enjoy browsing my virtual gallery.

I am a Scottish Artist living in Aberdeenshire. My inspiration comes from traveling throughout Scotland, taking delight in its many different forms of landscape, mountains, sea, lochs and rolling countryside. Recently I have also explored narrative images both figurative and still life. I like my work to tell a story for you to enjoy.

I use mixed media including watercolour, acrylic, ink, pastel and collage and I create digital images using Procreate & other software. From these images I produce a number of limited edition prints (not reproductions) on rag paper with pigment inks. I have also produced a new series of canvas prints from my digital portfolio. These are mounted in white box frames and sold at, what I hope are, affordable prices. I’m taking part in NEOS 2022 with my sister Alice Harman, a botanical painter and my daughter Alex Burnett who is an illustrator. We will be at Kemnay House from the 10th September to the 18th, open between 11am and 4pm.

With all my work I like to take images from reality and translate them into an imaginative world full of vibrant colour.

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